Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Attack the Messenger to Discredit The Message #BREXIT

Farage, a staunch supporter of BREXIT, is being attack to discredit his message. The Pound will be attacked in support of REMAIN to heighten fears of an exit throughout the population. Bottom line, headlines 'info' is all short-term stuff that won't affect long-term trends. The Pound may rally on the news of REMAIN victory, but it will be short-lived.

Smart money quietly hopes to leave the EU, or the fate of the Pound will be linked to the sinking Euro. Either severe now during relative calm, or do it in the middle of panic. History supports the latter. Britons must be prepared for it.

Headline: 'Nothing I have said is racist' insists Nigel Farage

The UKIP leader has hit back at claims by the Archbishop of Cantebury that he is giving "legitimisation to racism".

"Nothing I have said is racist," Nigel Farage told the BBC, saying he had always chosen his words carefully when it came to cultural and race issues.

"I have said nothing worse than many other politicians and commentators. I have always used very conservative language."

This followed comments at the weekend by Mr Farage about attacks by migrants on women in Cologne - and the risk of similar incidents in the UK. Archbishop Justin Welby said this afternoon those comments were "inexcusable."

Mr Farage accused the Archbishop of simply reading the headlines and not what he had actually said. "I said there is a cultural question. Nothing more. I never mentioned rape," the UKIP leader said.

"I don't believe he has actually read what I said."


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