Sunday, May 15, 2016

#Turkey Moving Closer To Chaos

Trust in leadership, declining across Europe, is following the trend from cooperation to separation. Erdogan, a career politician whom a growing number of Turks are beginning to worry is attempting to transform Turkey into a European satellite under the control of Brussels, is slowly losing the confidence of the people. The right to assemble to discuss opposing points of views, a process necessary to prevent the transition to a dictatorship, can be halted temporarily by force, but it won't end there. Governments must embrace, bend, or break the will of the people, the former leads to peace, while the later leads to revolution.

Headline: Turkish police seal off hotel to halt dissident opposition congress

Police sealed off a hotel in Ankara on Sunday, preventing dissidents in Turkey's nationalist opposition from holding a party congress that could jeopardize President Tayyip Erdogan's plans for more power.

Several hundred members of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) have launched a bid to oust Devlet Bahceli, leader for much of the last two decades. To do so they need to change party rules at a special congress.



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