Monday, May 30, 2016

Tourist Go Home #Spain

A clear example of the trend from cooperation to separation. Spanish tourism, a important sector that contribution to nearly 15% of its total economy, is surging due to security concerns of other popular European destinations. While the Spanish economy, burden with high unemployment, especially among its youth, needs tourism, many of its local communities are clearly struggling to accommodate the surge. Tourist go home! We don't want your money unless it's in the form of bailout to support our failing debt.

Headline: 'Tourists go home': Spain tourism surge brings backlash

On the walls of the grand old houses of this Balearic port which attracts millions of foreigners every year, a new kind of graffiti has flourished: "Tourists go home".

Although still a minority protest, it points to tensions in Palma de Mallorca and elsewhere in Spain over rising numbers of visitors who are propelling the economy but also disrupting the lives of locals and straining services from transport to water.



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