Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Future of Digital Money and Encryption Determined By The People Evenutally #Privacy

Laws that limit the capabilities or provide back doors to encryption for 'security' reasons would kill digital transitions and currencies. In classic having their cake and eating it too behavior, politicians want to discourage the use of cash as a means of increasing tax revenues for larger government to better control society, but they also don't want to relinquish control in the form of encryption to make that happen.  This disconnect from reality ensures a new generation of politicians will emerge after the crisis.

Headline: The Future of Encryption Is in These Politicians’ Hands

Encryption is complicated. Legislating for it, even more so. But after years of shrugging off the issue, Congress finally seems motivated to create a legal framework for one of our most critical digital security features. Here’s a quick rundown at some of the politicians who are shaping the encryption debate—and the laws that will come of them.



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