Monday, May 9, 2016

#PanamaPapers Full or Partial Disclosure Coming

The ICIJ intends to publish a list of names and accounts in the Panama Papers, documents that reveal a murky world of offshore havens, where legitimate business dealings coexistence with 'shady' dealings, money launderers, rogue states and the political corruption. The data dump, terabytes in size, include an extensive array of data from passports to telephone numbers, internal emails, and financial records. Will the final disclosure be full or selective to protect the interests of powerful players around the world as critical elections near?

Prominent names included in the Panama Papers:

  • Icelandic prime minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson was forced to step aside amid allegations he had had a secret offshore account that held bonds in his country's banks.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin and his cronies had amassed nearly $2 billion through a miasma of transactions involving accounts and banks closely linked to him.
  • Chinese leadership took heat after relatives of President Xi Jinping and of several other top officials had been hiding sometimes vast wealth in offshore companies.
  • David Cameron took some heat after after the released show he profited from his father's profited from a Offshore Trust.

Headline: Panama Papers report alleges NZ prime place for rich to hide money

Wealthy Latin Americans are using secretive, tax-free New Zealand shelf companies and trusts to help channel funds around the world, according to a report on Monday based on leaks of the so-called Panama Papers.

Pressure is mounting on Prime Minister John Key to take action after local media analyzed more than 61,000 documents relating to New Zealand that are part of the massive leak of data from Mossack Fonseca, a Panama-based law firm. The papers have shone spotlight on how the world's rich take advantage of offshore tax regimes.



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