Wednesday, May 18, 2016

More American Will Be Eligible For Overtime Pay

Laws or long awaited rules intended to bolster pay for unskilled labor will only encourage the roll out of labor-saving technology or layoffs in the private sector. The end result that few politicians will talk about or understand is that 'fairness' law or rules means higher wages for some, while many others get laid off. While there's plenty of lip service in this national debate, it's clear few are listening or understanding the message of the market. This will lead to plenty of finger pointing of blame when the low- to middle-income jobs collapse during the coming liquidation phase.


Headline: Millions more Americans to be eligible for overtime pay

Moving to fatten low- and middle-income paychecks that have languished for years, the Obama administration on Tuesday unveiled a long-awaited rule that will make millions of Americans newly eligible for overtime pay.

While some businesses welcome the measure, many say it will simply force them to reshuffle salaries to get around the regulation. Others fear it will mean demoting white-collar workers and altering workplace cultures.



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