Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Justice For Some, Injustice For Most

Exposing the lies and wrong-doing of those in power is punishable, while the lies and wrong-doing are not? The public is embracing Trump not so much because of who he is but rather what he represents; a move away from corruption, cronyism, and nepotism in leadership.

Headline: Hacker who exposed Hillary Clinton's email server expected to plead guilty

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Romanian computer hacker who revealed the existence of a private email server used by Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state is expected to plead guilty to hacking-related offenses, a U.S. law enforcement official said on Tuesday.

Accused hacker Marcel Lazar, who used the alias "Guccifer," is scheduled to enter a guilty plea at a hearing early on Wednesday before Judge James Cacheris in U.S. District Court, Alexandria, Virginia, said the official.



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