Tuesday, May 31, 2016

European Leaders In Denial About #Brexit

The stakes of British exit are so high in terms of not only maintaining the EU but also financing, it's quite possible that the will of majority at least through the voting process will be ignored. If Britain remains in the EU against the will of the people, rising civil unrest as the global economy enters full blown liquidation in 2017 would confirm it.

Headline: ‘Brexit’ Referendum Will Also Test U.K. Pollsters

LONDON—When U.K. voters determine the nation’s future in the European Union on June 23, it will also be a referendum on the country’s polling industry.

Pollsters say they have changed their methodologies since they failed to indicate Prime Minister David Cameron would win a parliamentary majority in last year’s national elections, in what was judged to be their worst performance in 70 years.

They point to their accuracy at...



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