Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wisconsin Primaries Not Game Changers #WisconsinPrimary

Wisconsin's primary, a big victory for Sanders and Cruz, likely changes nothing for the 2016 Presidential campaign. The public wearied by decades of declining standard of livings (as socialism dies) is favoring Sanders, an extreme socialist flirting communistic ideals. Wall Street, a big contributor to Hillary's super Pac, clearly does not. If Wall Street influences the super delegates, Sanders has little chance of winning the nomination unless he starts winning big.

Cruz's victory, an outcome that may prove difficult to repeat through Northeast, Eastern seaboard and Pacific Northwest, is also changes nothing. Cruz or Trump likely needs to win the nomination outright with 1,237 delegate majority to prevent a contested Convention. If both candidates fall short of a majority, the “bound” delegates required to vote for either on the first ballot, would be free to vote for whomever they choose. Perhaps this is all part of grand plan to make sure the 'right candidate' wins. If so, the public, generally not privileged to the games playing out behind the curtain, won't like it. Growing dissatisfaction with the political process mean 2018 and 2020 elections will be game changers.

Headline: Top takeaways from the Wisconsin primary

Tuesday was a bad day for the front-runners in Wisconsin, as Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton were both beaten in the Badger State primaries. Here are our top takeaways: Cruz's breakthrough?

Prior to his win in Wisconsin, Ted Cruz’s strength was in caucuses — where his superior organization could outmatch Trump — and in primaries in his backyard, such as Texas, his home state, and Oklahoma. That suggests the rest of April won’t bode well for him, with primaries in states like New York (remember those attacks on Trump’s “New York values”?), Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Those don’t jump out as obvious Cruz targets, but then again, neither did Wisconsin. While Cruz may not have the calendar working in his favor, he represents something very powerful for many GOP voters: their last best hope for denying Trump the nomination.



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