Friday, April 1, 2016

#Trump Imploding While Nothing Really Has Changed #Cruz #Clinton

Trump's abortion comments, an unlikely legal reality in America, has the majority seriously questioning not only what he was thinking but also his overall legitimacy as a Presidential candidate. Falling polls numbers and a poor performance in Wisconsin would confirm it.

America, amid a brewing debt crisis and contracting global economy, faces real problems that neither Trump, Cruz, or Clinton can fix. Those that expect today's ailing economic and financial systems can be reformed proactively by the voting process rather than retroactively by crisis have not studied history. The next President of the United States will likely be nothing more than a man or women that sits in the Oval Office as confidence implodes. Do you really think any candidate, constrained by career politicians that populate all branches of government, will voluntarily reduce the size and scope of government (shoot themselves in the foot) as the crisis hits? The majority will lose faith in leadership as taxes are raised in support of the status quo, a money making machine that includes the bankers that the public already despises from the 2008 crisis.

Headline: Donald Trump's Poll Numbers Collapse as General Election Looms

The bottom is dropping out for Donald Trump.

While Trump was never popular outside of his loyal slice of GOP voters, a raft of new polls show his national position hitting new lows, including with groups that are supposed to form his base.

America's widespread loathing for Trump puts further pressure on Republican delegates to deny him the nomination in July if he falls short of a majority, a move that would set off an ugly civil war but that some in the party believe would be necessary to stave off generational damage.



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