Monday, April 25, 2016

Transition From Voting For Free Stuff to Freedom

Americans have yet to recognize their role in the growing frustration with the political process. Voting for representative that stand more for free stuff than freedom has been shaping candidates and elections since 1932. While the time influence elections based on bold promises of 'free stuff' is drawing to a close, it won't be rejected entirely until the big promises of past elections, for example social security, fail beyond recognition. After that, Americans will reject bold promises from politicians until society forgets through the passage of time and poor education from one generation to the next.

Headline: Bernie Sanders’ college tuition plan would disproportionately benefit the rich: study

Free college benefits some students more than others and it’s probably not the ones you think, a new analysis suggests.

Families from the top half of the income distribution would reap 24% more than their less-wealthy peers, under a free college plan like the one Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders is proposing, according to an analysis published this week on the Brookings Institution website by Matthew Chingos, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute. Both are Washington, D.C.-based nonpartisan think tanks.



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