Thursday, April 7, 2016

#Dutch Show Dissatisfaction With Establishment Governance #Ref #Brexit

Dutch voters' rejection a EU-Ukraine pact, a referendum seen as a barometer for EU sentiment, suggests a growing anti-establishment movement engulfing global governance.

Geert Wilders tweet summed up results as follows:

"It looks like the Dutch people said NO to the European elite and NO to the treaty with Ukraine. The beginning of the end of the EU"

EU supports are now worried growing anti-establishment sentiment will influence the Brexit vote in June.

Headline: Dutch 'No' to Ukraine pact forces government rethink

The Dutch government said on Wednesday it could not ignore the resounding "No" in a non-binding referendum on the European Union's association treaty with Ukraine, but that it may take weeks to decide how to respond.

Although the results were preliminary, they exposed dissatisfaction with the Dutch government and policy-making in Brussels - signalling a anti-establishment mood in a founding EU member weeks before Britain votes on membership.



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