Thursday, April 21, 2016

#Clinton and #Cruz Raking in the Money

The unwritten agreement of money for political favors and protection, especially during the coming liquidation phase, has the financiers of the Establishment, the people the public do not like, pouring money into the Clinton and to a lesser degree Cruz campaigns. This agreement, revealed by her Wall Street speeches that she refuses to release, is likely obvious enough to end her 2016 Presidential campaign; even hardcore Clinton backers would struggle with the content of those speeches. Expect the game of denial to be played until everyone forgets. That is, until liquidation crushes the dreams and expectations of the America's middle class again.

Headline: Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz Rake In Donations

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Ted Cruz and their allies have millions of dollars on hand and are in the strongest financial positions in their respective parties as they head into the final stretch of the primary season, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, donations to the super PAC backing Gov. John Kasich sagged and his campaign saw just a small fundraising bump following his win last month in his home state of Ohio.



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