Friday, March 4, 2016

Voting Glitches or Manipulation on Super Tuesday?

Trades based on conspiracy theories generally loose big. With that said, it's quite possibly that Republican party's pursuit of a private rather than public agenda, could result in further reports of voting 'glitches' discussed below. History reminds election rigging, a process that generally ends badly for governments and society, are common. Although the cycle of change is a natural process in life, there's always a group of people within society that either cannot or will not embrace. They fight it tooth and nail. Many do so until their death beds.

History tells us economic dislocations drive change. We've been experience a series of economic dislocations since 2007.

Headline: Long Lines and Computer SNAFUS Marking Super Tuesday

On this Super Tuesday, voters all around Travis County are getting long lines and glitches to boot.

Some early morning voters today in Travis and Williamson County were shocked to learn...that when they voted for Donald the end the system showed they voted for Marco Rubio. Several callers to The Todd & Don Show says they had a similar problem. They say the problem was corrected when they got help from an election worker. Officials says you should always check your ballot before you leave.

The Travis County clerk's office is warning voters via Twitter that the votetravis dot com website is loading slowly due to high traffic, but some report the site does not load at all. One polling place in far South Austin reported computer freezeups which delayed voting. Reports say other polling places in South Austin and Lakeway experience computer delays. Polls are open until 7PM.



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