Wednesday, March 9, 2016

#Trump and #Clinton Commanding Big Leads

Sanders win in Michigan is proof, if any is needed, that a political revolution is underway in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Sanders, a candidate singing about economic injustices, is finding plenty of angry voters displaced by 'unfair' trade deals and bailouts to Wall Street.

Ironic that many of today's 'economic injustices' from outsourcing to plant relocations arise from big government. Sanders' aggressive tax the rich plan, a plan that raises taxes on everyone, would extended and expand the injustices Sanders talks of ending (through taxation) to thunderous applause from his supporters. Sanders tax plan would restrict investment and future job creation in the United States. A far less sexy rally cry than Tax the Rich!

Those that worry that Sanders momentum is lowering Hillary's chances at wining the Democrat nomination probably have forgotten about her overwhelming superdelegate support from the party's establishment. If this lead does not even out in the coming months, public will likely respond to this undemocratic loophole with "why bother voting if we already know the outcome?"

If outcomes are already predetermined, it's foolish to assume Trump, an outsider commanding a big lead, will be embraced as the Republican nominee by a similar controlling establishment. This should become more obvious as the Republican National Convention draws near.

AP Delegate Tracker

Headline: 5 takeaways from Tuesday's primaries

Now Playing The fight for Mississippi...

(CNN)Bernie Sanders teed up the Midwest as a battleground on Tuesday night as he knocked off Hillary Clinton in a down-to-the-wire Michigan primary.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, crushed it on the Republican side -- notching wins in Hawaii, Michigan and Mississippi. Ted Cruz picked up Idaho. But Marco Rubio had a night he's just going to want to forget.



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