Monday, March 14, 2016

#Merkel Unlikely To Recovery From German Refugee Crisis

Merkel's political career might not be over yet, but the writing is already on the wall. Merkel's claim that asylum to Germany "had no upper limits", an open door policy proving to be dangerous to its citizens, has been proven wrong.

The list of assaults on women by refugees continues to expand behind the report of the headlines. This new reality, a troublesome trend that has the average German rethinking basic safety within their own borders, will have a profound influence on the 2017 elections. It will be difficult to impossible for Merkel to recover from her no upper limits stance in 2015.

Headline: Merkel down—but not out—in Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered one of her largest political setbacks at the weekend after her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party saw sharp losses in regional elections with many conservative voters punishing Merkel for her refugee policy.

Exit polls from broadcaster Deutsche Welle following the Sunday vote showed that the CDU lost ground in the Baden-Wuerttemberg, Rhineland Palatinate, and Saxony-Anhalt regions where elections were held.



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