Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Media Clearly Anti #Trump

The media's endless portrayal of Trump as un-Presidential, 'Rogue', and even dangerously 'crazy' indicates intense fear by the status quo. Trump, clearly operating from a personal rather than party agenda, could disrupt their gravy train of special interest money and influence. Could is a powerful word here. This potential uncertainty derived from could means a Trump nomination by either party (Republican or Democrat) is highly unlikely. The public that supports him until he "shots someone" implies a keen understanding of human behavior and the history of politics that few in the media are willing or capable to discuss.

Headline: Trump struggles with presidential demeanor ahead of Wisconsin primary

Donald Trump began his closing bid to capture Wisconsin's winner-take-all Republican primary by trying to address one of the biggest vulnerabilities of his campaign for the presidency: the female vote.

After a week that found Trump launching attacks on Texas Senator Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi Cruz, and tossing barbs at Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, the billionaire front-runner on Monday attempted to play down his past degrading comments about women, saying they were made in jest.



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