Thursday, March 10, 2016

#ECB 'Surprise' Stimulus Move Following Japanese Monetary Playbook

Zero to negative interest rates and infinite QE, an easy monetary policy that's failed to revive the European economy for years, should surprise no one. Independent thinkers recognize that Europe is simply following Japan's monetary playbook that includes Abeonomics, the latest iteration of easy money and QE sold to the public as the policy that changes everything. The only surprise for investors should the ECB's expectation of success where Japan has failed.

Headline: ECB reveals surprise stimulus moves

The European Central Bank has cut its main interest rate to 0% from 0.05% as part of a package of measures intended to revive the eurozone economy.

The ECB will also expand its quantitative easing programme from €60bn to €80bn a month.

The scheme will now include the purchase of corporate bonds as well as government debt.



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