Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Contested GOP Convention Possible After #SuperTuesday3

Trump's bid for the Republican nomination, despite impressive wins in Florida that force Rubio out of the race, could prove difficult after losing Ohio. Kasich’s victory in Ohio's winner takes all format not only made the battle secure the 1,237 delegates necessary to win the nomination outright more difficult but also increased the odds of a contested convention in July. This hasn't happened since 1952. The GOP's 'Establishment', well-funded and determined to stop Trump since his unexpected rise in the summer of 2015, could influence the delegates to nominate someone else; likely someone that would follow their orders. This outcome would likely spark an angry backlash from fervent Trump supporters.

If Trump is not nominated, the problem does no simply go away. Trump and his millions of supporters will urge him to run as a Third Party candidate. While a third party run would likely dilute his supporter base - many will not vote for a third party candidate and ensure a Clinton victory, it could produce an unexpected outcome as the economy weakens future in the second half of 2016. Trump, Clinton, or Romney

If 2016 exposes that the political game is rigged, a bitter pill not easily swallowed by the public, it won't matter when the economy turns lower into 2017. The business cycle cannot be micro-managed. The public will point fingers at Obama, Clinton, Trump, Cruz, or Romney - anyone they view as responsible for their economic pain when the liquidation becomes painfully clear in 2017. Anyone advocating higher taxes as the economy contracts to save the "American Dream" that's already failed the majority will be rejected.

Headline: Super Tuesday 3: Big wins for Trump, Kasich, Clinton; Rubio drops out

Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won pivotal primaries Tuesday, while Gov. John Kasich's long-awaited debut victory in his home state of Ohio raised the chances of a historic GOP convention fight.

A humiliating loss on home ground in Florida, meanwhile, ended the White House dreams of Sen. Marco Rubio, who was once hailed as a Republican Party savior.



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