Tuesday, March 22, 2016

#Belgium Attacks Raise Concerns Over Freedom of Movement And Security

The attacks, targeting the administrative heart of the EU, has many questioning the freedom of movement (Schengen Agreement) and security needed to support the European Union (EU) and Euro. The latest attack, a real tragedy for Europe and Belgiums, follows an important deal to return migrants to Turkey in exchange for €6 billion of aid towards the migrant crisis, visa-free travel for Turks to EU countries, and acceleration of talks for Turkey's EU membership. It also plays into the hands of US Presidential candidate(s) and Britain's BREXIT advocates supporting restricted immigration, improved national security, and isolationism.

Headline: 'Shocking level of unpreparedness' in Belgium: Experts

Current and former U.S. and European counter-terrorism officials, who are experts on ISIS in Europe, told NBC News that the location and timing of the attacks — just days after the capture of the suspected operational leader of the Bataclan massacre in Paris — suggested a "shocking" level of unpreparedness by Belgian authorities.

They described Brussels, especially the Maelbeek neighborhood near the site of the subway strike, as an explosive mix of highly capable foreign fighters trained by ISIS and sympathetic locals who are unknown to authorities but eager to help in attacks.



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