Tuesday, March 8, 2016

#Austerity For Greece Until There's Nothing Left to Lose

The Troika, the maintainer of the status quo for Europe, won't see reason to ease Greece's debt burden until their on the verge of total social and economic collapse. Greece would be best served by dumping the Euro now, but it's clear nobody willing to stake their political reputation on that until there's absolutely nothing left to lose. The people of Greece, struggling under the yoke of austerity and leadership that lacks the ability to anticipate beyond tomorrow's headlines, must either push back or leave. For now, the easier of the two has been to leave to find work elsewhere.

Headline: Germany’s Schäuble Sees No Need For Immediate Decision on Greece Payments

BRUSSELS—There is no reason to take decisions now on how to ease Greece’s debt burden in the near future, Germany’s finance minister said Tuesday in another sign of disagreements between Athens’ creditors.

“I don’t have a proper argument for the German lawmaker and the German public…on why this should be the focus of debate now,” Wolfgang Schäuble said following discussions with other European finance ministers.



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