Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Angry Voters Predict #Trump v #Hillary in November

The vast majority of Republican voters are either angry or dissatisfied with government and their party. The majority of Republican and Americans clearly seek another voice, an outsider to the game of political lip service and double standards. Even more amazing, the GOP's aggressive strategy of attacking Trump and his supporters rather than trying to understand why voters are angry is only converting more Republicans into Trumpkins.

The Presidential primaries, the voice of We the People, suggests that the GOP could be forced to make a difficult choice of either embracing Trump or continue following an alternate agenda ahead of the November election. The latter would convert Trump's White House bid from Republican to Independent. Trump, even if driven more by ego than the Founding Father's principles of representation, will do it. His growing ranks of supporters will greet a run as an independent with thunderous applause.

Headline: Exit polls: 1 in 5 Republicans recently made up their minds

Washington (CNN)As voters go to the polls in Super Tuesday states, about 20% of Republicans say they made up their minds in the last few days, according to exit polls.

The states where GOP voters made their decisions late came in Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Vermont.

Angry Republicans turned out to vote in the South -- Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Texas -- while Republicans farther north said they were not as upset with the government, but still dissatisfied, according to those early exit polls.



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