Wednesday, February 17, 2016

US Bank Stocks Not Immune To Global Debt Crisis

Mr. Dimon is likely playing the perception game here. It's unlikely that he ascended to the position of CEO of one of the world's largest banks without recognizing the growing risk of the global debt crisis.

Headline: Jamie Dimon isn't the only bank executive buying back stock

Jamie Dimon's announcement last night that he was purchasing 500,000 shares (roughly $25 million) of JPMorgan is another sign that some executives see their shares as undervalued, and who could blame them? JPMorgan's stock is down 20 percent for the year.

Dimon already owns 6.2 million shares, but he has not been a big purchaser of stock, buying only twice in the last 12 years, once in January 2009 when he bought 500,000 shares, and again in July 2012 when he also bought 500,000 shares.



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