Tuesday, February 23, 2016

#Trump Tapping Voter Anger Says #PaulRyan

Hats off to Ryan for at least recognizing what others either will not see or cannot say. Can Trump or any politician prevent or minimize the coming crisis? History's lessons, stories told through human behavior within cycles flowing through the fabric of space, time, and consciousness, shows us that humans embrace change only after a crisis; do companies correct issues recalls before or after known defects have inflected pain on the population? This tendency also explains why the Chinese use the same symbol for crisis and opportunity.

Trump is merely the charismatic leader that the population is not ignoring. Jeb Bush failed not because of his inherent weakness as a leader but rather the perception of his message. Trump continues to be embraced by angry population insofar as much that he's not a career politician. Will he save us from the coming crisis? No. Then again, neither will Clinton or Sanders.

Headline: Paul Ryan: Trump tapping into voter anger

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday the rise of Donald Trump can be explained by voters being fed up that America is on the wrong track. Ryan blamed the liberal policies of President Barack Obama .

"You have conservatives, like myself ... who are very upset about the direction of the country," Ryan told CNBC's " Squawk Box ." "You have people in America panicked because they have economic anxiety."



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