Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tech giants vs governments #Brawls.com

The battle between Tech giants and their end users and the government will intensify as the global economy and revenues supporting big government contract. Those expecting big government to shrink and size and scope by its own hand are delusional.  The means an escalation of this battle is inevitable.

For example, the "on-demand" economy, a growing sub sector of the new economy that currently skirts laws forcing businesses to provide healthcare to employees will not be left to flourish on its own. The rally cry, regardless of market forces and shifting trends, will be either comply (with the old ways of doing things) or die.

Headline: Brawls.com Tech giants v governments

The insults are getting sharper. Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, has said it was “incredibly dangerous” and “another attack on our civil liberties” for America’s government to ask technology firms to hand over users’ personal information. American officials want to be able to read the textual communications of suspected bad guys. This jars with Apple’s desire to keep its users’ personal information encrypted and private.



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