Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Most Americans Would Be Stunned To Know #Superdelegates Give #Hillary A Big Lead

While most Americans were stunned by Sanders and Trump's decisively New Hampshire victory, they would also be stunned to know that Clinton has a 45-1 'superdelegate' advantage over Sanders. A 45 to 1 advantage places Bernie Sanders at a serious disadvantage even before the Iowa caucuses. If Sanders continues to win the popular vote, it's likely he'll focus on the superdelegates as part of a rigged political game.

Headline: Sanders, Trump stun America

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump winning is not a big surprise; both polled ahead for weeks. Yet these results still feel revolutionary. These two men have defied their party establishments, done everything they weren't supposed to do, and still won victories with substantive leads. Politics won't be quite the same again.



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