Sunday, February 28, 2016

#Greekcrisis May Be Forgotten But Not Over

The dirty little secret of socialism is that it inevitably runs out of other people's money to spend. Capital flows, the lifeblood of investment and future job creation, seek alternate destinations if the public sector becomes too aggressive and restrictive in its quest to fill its coffers. As MP Bakoyannis points out, as private investment and job creation dry up, younger, productive Greeks, unhappy with prospect of life based on government assistance, often leave the country in search of work and opportunity. In other words, the unyielding commitment to socialism, slowly weakens Greece and the Greek economy over time.

The Greek crisis is not over. It will likely become a regular staple of the headlines in 2017.

Headline: How can Greece escape its economic crisis?

Former foreign minister and opposition MP Dora Bakoyannis says private investment is the answer - she says it will create new jobs, and that will enable the young people of Greece to stay in the country, rather than seek work elsewhere.



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