Monday, February 8, 2016

European #Banks At Risk

The following headlines illustrates how there's always someone screaming "BUY" ahead of the collapse in the coming panic. Government bonds holders, pension funds, banks, and central banks will be vulnerable when the public realizes government and how it funds itself is the crisis. The center of this contagion is Europe. This places European bank at the forefront of the collapse.

Headline: European banks a ‘unique buying opportunity’: CEO

Following the furor around bad loans, the head of one of Italy's biggest banks said now could be the time to buy Italian real estate and Europe's bank stocks.

Shares in Italian banks have tumbled this year since the European Central Bank requested further information on their still-large portfolios of non-performing loans. However, the chief executive of Intesa Sanpaolo told CNBC that fears were overstated and the slump represented a "unique buying opportunity."



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