Thursday, February 25, 2016

Deteriorating Confidence in Leaders at All Levels of Government Driving 2016 Campaign

Deteriorating infrastructure - buildings, roads, bridges, sewage and water systems while billions 'redirected' into non-essential legacy projects - street cars, sport stadiums, or whatever favors any candidate the public views as an outsider. Deteriorating confidence in leadership of America at all levels of government is the trend nobody wants to talk about.

Headline: As Roads Crumble, Infrastructure Spending Hits a 30-Year Low

Last December Congress finally pushed through a $305 billion, five-year highway and transit bill after years of delay and neglect of the nation’s roads and infrastructure.

However, despite the celebration by lawmakers and state and local officials who have long sought the increased spending, the legislation was little more than a drop in the bucket when compared to the nation’s overall infrastructure needs.



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