Friday, February 12, 2016

#ClosetCommunist Rising To Position of Influence as #Socialism Dies - only in America!

Only in America could a die-hard socialist, or as Trump puts it a closet communist, rise to a position of influence in the 2016 Presidential campaign as socialism reaches the end of its productive life cycle through western economies. Some are laughing, while many other are certainly worried. The Republican leader, likely Trump, will exploit this relationship if Sanders maintains his lead as the US economy weakens towards the November election. The public will listen once they realize economic reality has smashed the perception that the US can motor through any global weakness.

Headline: How did a socialist kibbutz influence Bernie Sanders?

Israel (CNN)A small collective community in northern Israel, modeled after the communist ideals of the Soviet Union, may hold clues to the development of U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' political beliefs.

Sanders is Jewish and a self-described "democratic socialist." In the 1960s, he spent several months volunteering on an Israeli collective farm, or kibbutz, that functioned according to communist principles.



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