Monday, February 22, 2016


Interactive Charts: FXB, FXB PF

The British Pound (BP) has been falling since September of 2014. Leverage focused the down impulse on the second week of November. FXB, a US listed equity proxy for BP, has fallen 149.15 to 140.50 since then. Continuation of the decline will eventually break the ice of cause building. See the COT Matrix and Review of British Pound for further discussion.

Big business and pro EU interests backing Cameron, ignoring the message of the market above, will attempt to scare the public into staying. A BREXIT will only encourage Scotland (1) and Greece's (GREXIT) bid for separation. see Review of Euro for further discussion.

Headline: British Pound Falls After London Mayor Boris Johnson Backs Campaign to Leave the EU

The British pound fell sharply Monday after London’s popular mayor, Boris Johnson, became the most prominent politician to say he would back the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union in a June 23 referendum.



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