Saturday, February 20, 2016

#2016Campaign All About Collisions

Trump and Sanders, angry men tapping into America's collective anger, see plenty of collisions ahead. Trump vs. the Pope, Sanders vs. Wall Street, Sanders vs. Capitalism, Trump vs. Apple, Trump vs Oprah (guessing here). The real collision, the battle Americans have yet to realize, will be the President vs. the economy. The economy, regardless of the confrontational talk, wins that battle with ease. It will likely be handled so poorly that the next Administration will be one and done - one term.

Headline: Collision of elephants: Trump v. Apple

Can the 2016 election get any more rambunctious? To the delight of journalists—and the chagrin of Serious People everywhere—the answer is yes.

Republican bomb-thrower Donald Trump has upped the ante on his insult-everybody campaign by calling for a boycott of Apple (AAPL). That’s right, the world’s most valuable company, and a beloved one, besides. Trump—fresh off a spat with the Pope—apparently feels he can poke anybody or anything at this point, and emerge victorious.



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