Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The US Presidential Race Tells Us That The Public Recognizes Something Is Wrong

Calling out the recklessness of Wall Street when career politicians, largely supported by huge donations from Wall Street, quietly enact laws to support them, marginalizes these types of 'legacy' speeches as hypocritical. The public, a majority that picks leaders to shape and influence society (not the other way around), recognizing something is wrong with America, but not necessarily understanding how to describe or fix it, is increasingly supporting anti-establishment candidates (1,2). Expect this support to grow as the US Economy certainly weakens and possibly enters an official recession in 2016. The faster the economy weakens and the public recognized it, the more they will support anti-establishment candidates.

It is also important to note that Wall Street, the purveyor of influence not only in the United States but also Europe, does not pull strings on either Trump or Sanders.

Headline: Obama calls out Wall Street 'recklessness' in address

President Barack Obama called on the American people to "fix our politics" in his final State of the Union address.

Laying out his vision for the country's economic and social future, the president — who has often expressed frustration in his inability to work with a Republican-controlled Congress — said Tuesday night that Americans would be able to achieve a more perfect union if only they could break through the rancor of partisan politics



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