Friday, January 29, 2016

Majority Too Entertained By #Trump to Sober Up The Political Discussion

The world is more focused what Trump is or isn't doing than the unpleasant reality of an expanding global economic slump. We should be asking all the Presidential candidates, including Trump, how they intend to handle the coming recession and panic, but we're still too damn entertained by the ultimate reality/freak show to sober up the discussion. That time is fast approaching. God help us all if our elected leaders think only in terms of image and ego.

Headline: Trump overshadows Republican debate even as he sits it out

Even in boycotting a debate with his Republican rivals for the White House, front-runner Donald Trump managed to upstage the event on Thursday with a typical dramatic flourish.

Instead of attending a seventh debate, the former reality TV star held a competing event across town that he said raised $6 million for U.S. military veterans. In doing so, he cast a shadow over his rivals, who frequently tossed barbs his way.



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