Monday, January 11, 2016

Leaders Separating The World Into "We" versus "They" Never See Bigger Trends

Humans behavior likes to polarize the world into we verses they during periods of growing uncertainty. The vast majority of leadership styles, an extension of this all too common human behavior, simply reinforces the separation. Truth be told, there is no WE verses They in economics. This is only the message of the market. Opinions that vary from it are generally proven wrong long after the public forgets who started them.

Bottom line, socialist policies have failed to reverse a general trend towards falling standard livings due to a secular shift from higher paying and skilled to lower paying and skilled jobs revealed described the labor report for decades that the headlines and State of the Union speeches have ignored for decades (chart).


Headline: Obama, in State of Union speech, to draw contrast with Republican 'gloom'

President Barack Obama will paint an optimistic picture in his final State of the Union televised address on Tuesday, drawing a contrast with Republicans running to replace him in the November 2016 presidential election, his top aide said on Sunday.

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said the address, which will air live at 9 p.m. EST (0200 GMT) on Tuesday, will be less of a laundry list of legislative plans and more of a big-picture view of America's future.



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