Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hillary's Goose Is Cooked

As the old saying goes, Hillary's goose is cooked. She just doesn't know it yet.

Bernie Sanders is gaining ground based on his anti-Wall Street stance. As if the world doesn't need investment to support the future economic growth that drives tomorrow's jobs that the public desperately wants. The public is smart enough to laugh at the statement that the Clintons are just like Obama, who took a lot of money from Wall Street in 2008. Most of the restrictions imposed on Wall Street by Dodd-Frank legislation have been quietly reversed by Obama.

Once the public recognizes and accepts the US and global economic contraction, an event that the headlines keep assuring the majority won't happen in 2016, they will turn against anyone they 'believe' caused it.

Headline: Clinton's risky Wall St. defense: Obama took $, too

Hillary Clinton continues to struggle on the left with criticism that she is too close to Wall Street and would not do enough to rein in the nation's largest banks. And now she is rolling out a new defense, saying she is just like President Barack Obama , who took a lot of Wall Street money in 2008.

It's a risky strategy that liberal Democrats so far aren't exactly buying.



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