Sunday, January 10, 2016

Groping incidents in Cologne exacerbate EU refugee crisis

Countries are now offering non-European asylum seekers classes in 'Western sexual norms' to prevent violence against women (1,2).

The class of cultures, the general acceptance toward the denigration of women in many parts of the world clashes with the relative freedoms and positions of power in western countries. A successful mixing of cultures, a process taught by families and communities slowly over time, cannot be rushed by hidden agendas of public policies. Coaching social norms through the class room, a start but not a long-term solution, will not be enough. Patience toward the migrant crisis will disappear as the German and European economy tanks in 2016. Rising tensions will likely close the door of mass migration and careers of leaders unwilling to recognize the will of the people.

Headline: Opinion: Groping incidents in Cologne exacerbate EU refugee crisis

The violent New Year's Eve attacks in Cologne are grist to the mill for EU hardliners. Now, Brussels will be even more inhospitable towards Angela Merkel's refugee policies, says DW's Bernd Riegert.



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