Monday, December 7, 2015

US Close To Recession Says Computer

The Economic Activity Index (EAC) has been warning of a recession ahead since early 2015. Truth is, most Americans do not care. The ones that do, unfortunately, believe the Fed, Hillary, or Trump will fix it. While the lesson from history tells us they can't, it will be ignored by the majority until forces losses, poor decisions, and/or combination teaches want schools apparently cannot address or discuss.

Headline: US close to recession, world already in one: Pro

The U.S. dollar (Intercontinental Exchange US: .DXY) had its biggest one-day decline this week in nearly six years after the European Central Bank surprised the world with a smaller-than-expected stimulus package.

Despite the move, one prominent market observer said the dollar will continue to get stronger — and the U.S. economy will only get worse.



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