Monday, December 21, 2015

Obama: Trump exploiting blue-collar fears in campaign

The more 'blue-collar' Americans read these types of explanations, the more likely they're to vote for Trump and/or the anti-establishment candidate. Resentment will grow as the economic contraction, gaining traction with each passing day, becomes undeniable in 2016.

It's not if Trump's ego is the only elephant in the room. Perhaps voters love him because he embraces it rather than points fingers? Not sure.

Headline: Obama: Trump exploiting blue-collar fears in campaign

HONOLULU (AP) — President Barack Obama, in a broadside against the leading Republican presidential candidate, says billionaire Donald Trump is "exploiting" the fears that working-class men in particular have about the economy and stagnant wages.

In a year-end interview with NPR News, Obama said demographic changes combined with the "economic stresses" people have been feeling because of the financial crisis, technology and globalization have made life harder for those who rely on a steady paycheck.



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