Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Social Media Dislikes Trends

People are not sharing as much as they used to. Perhaps, people are growing tired of the same old pictures - food, family, or the occasional bragging session about personal or family accomplishments. How many trophies does Johnny need to make him special? Or, maybe a growing minority is starting to realize that social media tracks everything, even the private stuff of non-users. Probably most important, once the illusion that the world cares about your content fades, even a little, people find the next big thing.

This is why Youtube has 'suddenly' shifted course by offering Youtube Red, a subscription based service based on content from pros rather than amateurs. Advertising rates for home videos and home video productions are dropping fast. Ads, often ignored, can now be easily blocked. Apple's new iOS blocks ads with ease; Users are thrilled, but prime time content providers such has PewDiePie that depend on their revenue are not.

Headline: Facebook Prods Users to Share a Bit More

Sharing isn’t what it used to be on Facebook.



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