Monday, November 2, 2015

Corporate Inversions Follow the Path of Least Resistance and Common Sense

As long as Americans focus on pointing the finger of blame rather than searching for solutions, the economic system and its institutions are more likely to implode than reform under the guidance of wisdom and responsibility. Trump is right, don't blame Pfizer for corporate inversions. They're simply following the path of least resistance. If labor was mobile, Americans and Europeans would follow a similar path. It would likely be called a labor inversion by economist. The general public would call it common sense.

Perhaps this is why Trump's popularity has not faded.

Headline: Donald Trump: Don't Blame Pfizer for Corporate Inversion Problem

Donald Trump isn't blaming Pfizer Inc. for the problem of corporate inversions.

The Republican front-runner said Pfizer's planned merger with Allergan Plc was understandable since it would allow the company to relocate its headquarters to Ireland, where taxes are much lower.



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