Thursday, October 1, 2015

Russia Bombing ISIS and Rebel Positions

Russia gave the US one hour notice before it began bombing both ISIS and rebels supporting the overthrow of Assad regime. The media generally neglects to mention that the US has been supporting and arming the rebels that Russia has begun to bomb. This will certainly escalate tensions in the region. Reports that China is also sending troops to Syria in alignment with Russia is raising some eyebrows of concern across the globe.

Russia's officially recognized rationale for supporting al-Assad is simple.  They chose the known certainty of al-Assad rather than dealing with the uncertainty of another Middle Eastern power vacuumColin Powell's memoirs discusses the consequences of a power vacuum in the Middle East as far back as 1990.

Powell understood that America's Arab allies in the region never wanted to remove the regime in Iraq.

"It is naive", Powell wrote in 1995, "to think that if Saddam had fallen, he would have necessarily replaced by a Jeffersonian in some sort of desert democracy where the people read the Federalist Papers and the Koran. Chapter 4, page 90.

Headline: Putin Begins Bombing in Syria, but ISIS Isn’t His Only Target

Anyone listening to Russian President Vladimir Putin when he spoke at the United Nations General Assembly on Monday can be excused if they thought that the recent appearance of Russian troops and materiel in Syria was part of an effort to beat back the terror group ISIS, which has taken over parts of that country.



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