Tuesday, October 13, 2015

IMF Warns of Another Crisis Coming

Forecasting the next crisis is similar to forecasting the transition from night and day. This only difference is the time between.

The IMF, focusing on the symptoms (mostly in emerging markets) rather than causes of the next crisis. Capital is concentrating. This concentration, driven by central governments 'finite' capacity to borrow and tax. The next panic comes when the majority finally understands finite is not infinite and the rules of the game, defined by human experiences to short to recognize cycles, suddenly change.

Headline: Next financial crash is coming – and before we've fixed flaws from last one

The next financial crisis is coming, it’s a just a matter of time – and we haven’t finished fixing the flaws in the global system that were so brutally exposed by the last one.

That is the message from the International Monetary Fund’s latest Global Financial Stability report, which will make sobering reading for the finance ministers and central bankers gathered in Lima, Peru, for its annual meeting.



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