Friday, October 9, 2015

Growing Divide Within the Republican Party

Facing obstacles, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy suddenly withdrew from the contest for speaker of the U.S. House on Thursday, sending the House into chaos yesterday. This announced had an already apathetic public rolling their eye and saying its all part of the 'normal' dysfunction of Congress. new.

McCarthy's startling decision depicts a battle for control within the Republican Party. This battle, the separation of old from new ideas in response public's perception of rising taxes, declining economic activity, and rising unemployment and underemployment across younger generations, reflects the Party's struggle to adapt to the ever changing will of the people. While the majority, a group that still support leaders who's vision of the world was sharpen by the experiences of the previous cycle, their losing control to a growing minority that understands new vision is required.

The Republicans may control both chambers of the House, but they barely control their own party. McCarthy's lack votes defines not only the battle for control within the Party but also the rising influence of Tea Party Republicans.

Headline: Kevin McCarthy drops out of House speaker race

Washington (CNN)House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the race to succeed Speaker John Boehner on Thursday, a shocking move that throws the House into chaos.



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