Wednesday, September 30, 2015

VW Scandal Carries Consequences

Human behavior remains relatively constant over time. Lying, cheating, and stealing from Germany's leading automobile manufacturer carries consequences of distrust and shifting buying habits for Euro's cornerstone economy. The consequences will become more obvious as the business cycle transitions from prosperity to liquidation against the expectations of the majority.

Headline: VW warned not to cheat on diesel emissions in 2007, suppressed internal 2011 whistleblower

As VW’s chain of lies about the emissions of its cars continues to unspool, investigators are moving to discover exactly when VW’s various executives and departments knew it had a problem, and what actions they took (or failed to take) to address it. Such findings could be critical to assessing penalties and fines from various regulatory agencies; If the cover-ups happened at the engineering level, that’s one thing. If senior management actively participated in hiding results from regulators, that’s another.



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