Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Republican Party in Turmoil

Jeb Bush has quietly lost his top three fund raisers. This move, confirmation of an ongoing revolution against career politicians, confirms the real-time adaptation of the Republican Party. Trump, a dominant presence in the polls, refuses to succumb to a Ross Perot-like fade for possibly no other reason than he doesn't "carry the bags" for the Party or special interests. In other words, people see him as a candidate for the people. This only happens when trust and disgust with current politicians is extremely high. This leaves Boehner increasingly isolated and marginalized by the power of the Tea Party, a group once viewed as something to be controlled.

Headline: Top Jeb Bush fundraisers depart campaign: Politico

Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush has seen three of his top fundraisers depart his campaign, Politico reported on Saturday, a new sign of potential trouble as the former Florida governor's early momentum appears to have stalled.

According to the publication, three fundraising consultants voluntarily quit the campaign, although they told Politico they were still linked to Bush's Right to Rise Super PAC. However, others said the trio were let go, as the campaign shifts into a different phase for which their services won't be required.



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