Monday, September 28, 2015

NASA seems poised to announce water flows on Mars

A NASA spacecraft circling Mars found evidence of flowing water on the Red Planet’s surface as recently as last year. This finding contradicts the long held belief that Earth's close neighbor as a barren, extremely dry and cold desert. The newly discovered seeps could be “an important source of water for a future human mission to Mars. Water, an essential building block of life, is heavy for both hikers and spacecrafts.

Headline: NASA seems poised to announce water flows on Mars

(CNN)NASA appears poised to announce that its researchers have found proof of liquid water flowing on the surface of Mars.

The agency called a news conference for Monday to discuss what it called a major science finding. While the agency hasn't elaborated, it appears the topic will be new findings from analysis of imagery from the Mars Reconnaissance Rover, confirming that salty water flowing down Martian slopes is responsible for seasonal dark streaks seen in spots on the planet's surface.



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