Monday, September 28, 2015

How Much of Your Audience Is Fake

The Internet is filled with users that believe content, regardless of the time, resources, and expertise required to compile it, should be free for all. Access to the Internet cost money, so why pay anything more than that? Adding insult to injury, most content providers don't realize that a large portion of their traffic, much of which is paid for by search, content discovery, or traffic brokers, is fake (chart). This is why most subscription-less content providers inevitably "give up".


Headline: How Much of Your Audience Is Fake

Ron Amram has been in the brand marketing business for about 20 years. In the 2000s he was media director for Sprint’s prepaid cellular group, mainly figuring out where the carrier should spend its ad dollars—print, outdoor, digital, or broadcast. TV was always at the top of the pyramid. A TV campaign was like “the Air Force,” Amram says. “You wanted to get your message out, you did carpet bombing.” But TV wasn’t cheap, nor did it solve “that age-old question: Half of my marketing is working, half of it is not, and I don’t know which half.”



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