Friday, September 18, 2015

Fed Yielding To International Pressure Postpones Liftoff

The Fed, yielding to pressure to failing European debt by discouraging safe haven capital flow from Europe to the United States, held its key fed funds rate at historic lows. The Fed decision to postpone "liftoff" boosted the Euro at the expense of the US Dollar on the news. Yesterday's inaction follows a similar move by the Fed in 1927 in which it lowered rates rather than postponing action to support European banks (Europe). While pundits herald the Fed's move as policy brilliance, don't expect them to recognize that hesitation ahead of liquidation will only slightly delay the next panic.

Smart money recognizes growing accumulation and fear in the US Dollar Index as bullish (Review of US Dollar Index). These trends, a reflection of cause building, define a market preparing itself for continuation of mark up, not a reversal to mark down.  The US dollar Index (UUP), driven by safe haven capital flows controlled by the invisible hand, will rally regardless of Fed policy when ready. Ready, defined the study of price, leverage (DI and CAP), and time for subscribers, is fast approaching.

Ultra low interest rates has been punishing savers and wreaking havoc in the financial markets for years. The Fed either raises rates soon, or prepares itself for the inevitable finger pointing (of blame) when the invisible hand, the true driver of the business cycle and global economic policy, force them to do so under a backdrop of fear, panic, and unexpected market moves - bonds, stocks, currencies, precious metals, etc.

Headline: Global economy worries prompt Fed to hold rates steady

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged on Thursday in a bow to worries about the global economy, financial market volatility and sluggish inflation at home, but left open the possibility of a modest policy tightening later this year.



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