Monday, September 21, 2015

Fed Policy To Follow Own Self-Interests

The Fed most certainly struggles against "strings" tied to not only the sitting Administration but also global interests. These strings, despite claims from those that see conspiracies within checkout lines at the grocery store, can loosen or be severed during periods of extreme economic stress. The Fed's desire to skirt blame for the coming bubble in equities will raise rates eventually. The longer they wait, not only the deeper the crisis and but also more blame they will shoulder. Posturing through headlines will only intensify in the months ahead.

Headline: Bullard to Summers: Leave U.S. policy-making to the Fed

NEW YORK, Sept 21 (Reuters) - A top Federal Reserve official on Monday criticized Lawrence Summers and others who had warned against an interest rate hike last week, saying the former U.S. Treasury secretary should "know better" than to make such recommendations when the Fed needs to start tightening policy.



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